sucking my life away

School sucks. I was out yesterday enjoying myself (I need to give myself some time off lah) and then I know I will suffer at night because my deadline for a project report is the next day. Hence the sleeping on the living room’s couch from 1am to 430am. I decided that my bed is evil and I can’t wake up when I sleep on the bed, hence the couch.

And i woke up at 430 am to rush my report to 730 am before rushing to school and reaching late 🙁 for the marathon of project meetings.

9.00-11.00 Project 1
11.00-130 Project 2
130-230 project 3
230-630 project 2

and after all the project meetings, here I am still in school working on my powerpoint slides. I can foresee next week being a vacuum cleaner who will suck every ounce of energy from me.

I got presentation on tues and sat, (tues is labour day also) which means monday and friday is for preparation of the project. Add in a wednesday deadline for powerpoint slides, add in a thurs deadline for a report and a sunday deadline. Sigh sigh.

I got back one grade expecting an A and got a B. Sigh. What to do? I hope this semester i will do relatively alright. I am feeling nervous for my accounting mods as i usually do incredously badly for them. I hope hard work will amount to something because i have never worked so hard i think for my semesters before.