The fun is in all in the planning! I am kinda sad to know that I will be alone for the first 2 months. Alone in an apartment meant for 3 people. Nevermind, i shall make new friends and survive there. But this also means that I really get to cook for at least 2 months. Yay to healthy and bland food.

But it also means slumber party! I told my friend and her friend to come over to my apartment to stay overnight and I will provide food. Whee, i love to cook.

Went out with the 38 group just now. I didn’t realise how long we haven’t meet. Time flies when you are not havin fun huh? We settled food at Ministry of Food in Marina Square. This is a good place for vegeterians since there are many choices compared to other restaurants according to both my vegeterians friend. The green tea get refilled alot and quite frequently which is quite good.

I loved my tan-tan ramen which my friend commented that the ingredients are abit on the stingy side. But the noodles are extremely filling. Oh no, I won’t see tweety for 7 months. And I can’t send her off as i will be presenting my project while her plane takes off