Haiyoh, my partners in study quite lousy. its 430 am and both of them are zonked out. One of them had his mouth slightly open somemore. And here I am fretting that I did not accomplish what I wanted to do. Sian. I finished quite abit of work though.

I am going to catch the first bus at 6am. Reach home at 7am. Crush to bed until 10am. Prepare for school until 1015. Go to school again and be 15 minutes late for project meeting at 1115am. After the project meeting, i still have to finished the fuckable 14 readings which I set myself to do (and completed none though). Rush to meet a client for my project at 5pm. GO for my internship briefing at 6pm. And home sweet home.

And did i say its my break week again? Why the fuck am I leading such a no-lifer?