omg so much work to do

This week is my break week and I am supposedly supposed to relax. If not break week called break for what right?

But then I was rattling off all the things I am supposed to do to Mr fag and I realised, holy fuck, so much work to do.

And thus I decide to chart a timetable

Monday (today lah): Go for project meeting. study for wed’s exam. Do audit assignment. touch up on assignment which I have finished

tueday : study

wed: go for some talk. study for exam later in the evening. After exam, do research for project.

thurs: project meeting the whole day. After project meeting, do research for another project. Meet up with mr lim for dinner. maybe shoot some pool balls. Head back to sch at night again to study with mr fag overnight. Read up on my readings and do project

fri: go home and crash after an overnight marathon. Attempt questions for financial accounting

sat: tuition. Burn a 480 bucks paper house for the spirits which followed me home at the cemmetry.

sun: tuition in the morning. school again in the afternoon since there is project meeting (bloody fuck) Maybe study at night for tues’s exam.

Omg, there’s so much work to do lah. Tell me if there is a break. The school should really give us a well-deserved break you know? No wonder singapore students are damn burned out. You should see the number of zombies in my school.

I think i am supposed to go bowling, go to escape, shop at daiso. I am so envious of my friend when she blogged that she went to ktv. Sian. I just want a day off to do the things i want and play really hard.

And i started to think of the reasons why i am so busy this time round compared to last time. And i realised that the courses i take this semester focuses more on group learning instead of individual learning. So I need to meet up more compared to last time to discuss on school work as well as project work. Not to mention, i decide i must do well for my accounting subjects now and hence I decide to pump in the effort.

I didn’t know how i managed it last semester. I did reasonably ok while juggling with 5 tuition kids. Now i only have 3 tuition kids and i have to stay overnight in school at least once a week to complete my work.

Now that 2 of my courses are finally ending, i should have more time to myself. yay. I need a break soon.