not waking up

I woke up with a start today. I was supposed to wake up at midnight last night to finish up my work but alas,my mum couldn’t woke me up (which isn’t surprising) and i cursed and sweared as I woke up.

I have to prepare for my project before meeting up with them. But in that few hours, time was spent optimally and i managed to accomplish my readings. Which I usually take a very long time to do so since I got time.

So in a way, its good that i did not manage to wake up last night. Now i got plenty of sleep and work done in a short time.

And I feel like cancelling on all the going-out appointments to work on my financial accounting mod which I am super bad at.

My grades just returned and i failed. Not surprising since i didn’t do alot of the questions. Gonna work hard at it. And i just realised i screwed up one assignment. The prof kept changing the question and I took the earlier version to work on it. Too many emails sent and i became confused. Of course it is my fault also 🙁 I think i will flunk that. Hate. Why is my academic life screwing uP?