my sis is evurl

Went to visit my grandma and felt really bored sitting there while flipping through all the bo liao taiwan game shows. I got abit tired of squashing my little cousin also. There is so much rough-play I can do to a 11-year old cousin before feeling tired. I think that’s a sign of aging.

So my sis and I decided to check out the little mall there. And we got a blouse each. Which is kinda stupid cause that store is island-wide and we have 2-3 stores near our hse too. Ha! And we got cheese fries for the little rascals. I think it is good when big cousins visit you , aint it? THey squash you, marvel at your art talent and buy lots of food for you.

And after going home, we decided to shop somemore, so we chased my dad home so that we can leisurely throng the stores. And both of us bought more stuff. I bought one pair of shoes (I swear it is for work and hence a practical buy and a need, not a want), and a working skirt (same reason as above). My little sis bought 2 pair of shoes! She thinks she is a caterpillar. Speaking of caterpillar, I want to work there.

I am getting prepared for shanghai already. I just need to get more working clothes and I am done. I got 50 robinsons voucher and more vouchers from the sis soon. And i need a working bag which I shall get soon. And more clothes!

I already counted 5 pair of shoes to bring there, excluding slippers. What a shoe-whore i am. I refused to count the bags to bring there. Not sure when I will be back at my gramps. I think 7 weeks later after all my study shite is over. And I just realised, I have not baked or cooked for a long long time. Voah!