Moonriver cafe

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If I visit the same restaurant within 3 days twice, this just shows how much i love love love the restaurant.

I went there for lunch with my RA babes for the first time and boy, I was hooked by the food. The servings are huge! I had difficultly finishing my food which I really want to finish cause it is damn delicious. I had the fried pork with curry and of course took the spicy option, and after finishing all the pork cutlet, there was little space for the rice.

It was affordable for lunch too since it is only $13 bucks for miso/salad and drink and dessert and a huge main course.

And today after the superb presentation, I went to lunch with MY and Miss Pooh. THis time I ate the chicken and fish fry and the serving was larger than ever! My friend ate the Moon River Fish and there were 4 pieces of fish with generous curly fries servings. We were all so bloated.

Try it there soon. I will be visiting the place very often I think.

Curry Favour
39 Stamford Road
#01-09 Stamford House
Singapore 178885
Tel: 68831087

Opening Hours
Mon – Wed: 1200-2200 hrs
Thu – Fri: 1200-2300 hrs
Sat – Sun: 1200-2200 hrs