go fug yourself

Although I have tons of things to do, I decided that a visit to a certain neighbourhood hair salon was essential. So i went down after tuition requesting for a hair cut. My current hairstyle is too popular. So I wanted a hairstyle that nobody has. In the end, I have a hairstyle that nobody wants.

Always be worried when the hairstylist says ” Don’t worry, I know how to cut.”

What she forgot to say is that she knows how to cut auntie hairstyle. And she was happily proclaiming to her other 2 customers that she made me look young. I can sense them rolling their eyeballs. She has just ruined a young girl (*ahem not that young already but still)’s life. When she was praising her handicraft, I was cursing myself for being bored enough to have a haircut. And to fall sleep when she cut my hair.

I think cut is the understatement of the year. She butchered my hair. Sigh. And when i returned home, cheebye sister 2 said ” Hey, you cut mummy’s last time hairstyle.” Go fug yourself.

Now my brain is in overdrive. I have been wearing specs since sch began. I think it is time to switch to contacts and makeup to distract people from my ugly hair. And that gasby wax to maybe ruffle up some style.

Fuck, i dont’ even want to go to school until my hair grows out.

Looks remotely like this BUT different face shape

insert this face shape into above hairstyle

TADAH! The new fug