getting along with a roomie

I was checking around on my roomie whom surprising i do not know but a couple of my friends know. I think we might get along even though she looks like a guy in her matric picture. And i was asking my friend certain questions to find out more about her personality.

Mrs Lim: Does she like shopping and cheonging?
Friend: Don’t think so.
Mrs Lim: I heard she is quite sporty leh. And i ain’t sporty.
Mrs Lim: maybe we will compromise
Mrs Lim: and climb some hills
mrs Lim: yah, why did i say that?
Mrs Lim: i even hate climbing bukit timah

eh i don’t know leh. i am sure we will find things in common. Sightsee and stuff. I am pretty easy-going on such stuff.

this friend just told me another friend was quite sad that i am leaving for such a long time. She initially thought it was for the hols only. And then i feel sad all of a sudden and started tearing cause i realised that she is leaving next week for US. Oh no, why are people all flying away? 🙁