Forgive not forget

Sometimes I scare myself by how much I remember hurtful things people has done. I was bitching to my friend about Miss Bitchy Leech JC tutor and my friend told me, it has been 3 years already. Move on.

True. Somehow the times I went through made an inerasable mark on my memories. Everything seemed that it happened just yesterday. Such is the powerful of the memory.

If you ask me, I forgive people who has done me wrong. But I never forget. Somehow there will be memories which are stashed away and locked up but easily remembered with the slightest trigger. I think I have this little black book in my brain when I remembered everything. Or maybe it is my good memory in the past which triggered all this.

If I have been in relationships before, i would be labelled as a person with a huge emotional baggage. Sigh. How can I have amnesia?