Chilli queen

I went back to Ayam penyam (erm, don’t know how to spell) to makan again. It was really on the first floor ric, they just had another store. It is at 01-45/46/47. This time I bought along Mr-think-he-is-so-charming and Mr Jiemei and their gfs. So sian to be the only single one. 🙁

Anyway the waitress kept talking to me in Bahasa Indonesian. Maybe she really thought I was indonesian. The food was really good like last time. What I liked is that the chilli really packs a punch. I can eat a hell lot of chilli and if I find it spicy, it means it is fucking hot. Mr Jiemei challenged me to Jerry’s hot wings last time and we haven’t had the time to fulfil that challenge. After watching the amount of chilli I slurped, he decided to cut his losses and go back on his words regarding the challenge. I was eating 3 people’s share of chilli, totally yummy. We paid like 8.50 for the whole meal each, which is totally offordable considering we ate alot. Only there isnt any free ice water and the waiting time is a tad ridiculous. And they house diners like sardines. its very squeezy. But if you can look pass all that and just go for the food, I am sure it will be a wonderful experience.