and a happy day to me

ok all the random things I need to blog abt which I can’t find the time

1) i went to eat at indulgz, the one at bugis and which xiaxue blogged about. The food is not bad but alas it is quite forgettable. And I don’t feel it is value for money. Not good for big eaters like me. Good for dates though since the ambience is really good. The cheese fondue is NOT worth trying. I like the fried cheese thing and the mushroom stuffed with something(which i forgot)

2) I ate at ayam penyat. OMG, it is fucking good. It is at lucky plaza level 1. Even indonesians eat there so you know the quality of food. Totally affordable. I spent 10 bucks and got one ayam penyat, one indo iced tea, and half a gado gado which I can’t finish. Totally offordable. The chilli is so fucking hot, it is so good. I hate food which is toned down to suit the local taste, fuck them. let’s eat the real hot deal. I think it is singapore’s best kept secret cause at 11 am when i reached there, it is almost full already.

3) I watched hannibal. The guy is cute. THe movie is gross. And my friend loved the show since she is sick

4) My bdae celebrations started since friday. I will be celebrating for quite a while. Its kinda sad but quite alot of groups of friends forgot. Have i been such a lousy friend?

5) I got a practical test tmr (which i need to prepare), a 3000 word project to hand in, a 1000 word journal to hand in, a quiz to study and i think it is my bdae. fuck all of them

6) i am going to study thru the night. hope i don’t die during a movie tmr with mr fag. I know i got tons of readings on tues to read but fuck all of them, i need to relax on my BIG day.

7) I think i am going to hongkong or taiwan for my grad trip 1 year later

8) I studied overnight in my lib on fri. Only managed 1 hr of sleep. And headed straight for lesson from 9-12 pm in school. I am such a robot.

9) I wanted to cut a cake this year. Somehow there is this deep need to cut one piece of flour, egg,chocolate,butter all baked together. My cake is only 500 grams this year. Last year I was cutting a 3.5 kg cake. It pales in comparison

10) I am still a twenty-something

11) mr fag, wanna crash overnight with me in my sch?