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while waiting for my partners-in-studying to join me in school to cheong overnight till 6am the next day, i am feeling this fuckful of tiredness. omg, i am so sleepy but I got so much work to do.

I was staring at my new msn with all the real friends on top and still, I seemed lost looking at all those names.

I kept telling myself to push on, after in 2 more months, I will be having a study hiatus for 6 months.

I really can’t wait. The previous intern is in disbelief that i bought a pot already. He said the boss lent him utensils but they don’t cook. Wow, I am blessed with such a good boss. And the boss picked them up from the airport. The Big Boss leh. A Professor leh. I am impressed.

Ohyah better mention that I finally have dinner with Mr Lim after not seeing him for about 6 months? With marriages like ours, its no wonder the divorce rates are surging. We discussed some business plans. If anybody needs cheap webhosting of $5 bucks per month, pls contact Mr Lim or me.