weird queries to ask

sometimes the things people search on the internet never fails to amaze me. And half the time, it got something to do with sex. -_- And I don’t know why they got lead to my blog. Sigh. This is the last place to get lucky and horny.

search terms
1) Father fuck daughter
Sick. You need help. Unless if you are the daughter, go seek help.

2) should my partner suck on my breasts?
Nuff said.

3) not wearing bra
Your breasts will droop so put on the bra once in a while.

4) penis massage
Refer to 5

5) whore geylang
Refer to 4

6) explicit sex milk free
Means you don’t want breasts with milk? How does explicit sex ties with milk? Educate me, if not I have to google also.