too much to do

I guess it must be the period which is causing the mood swings. I get worked up quite quickly for this week. But thank god for it cause it has been 2.5 months since the last flow -_- due to stress.

I wanted to write a crappy journal to hand in next week since I got a test to study for but it looks as though i can’t write a crappy journal anymore. Reason: I did well for the other journal so it makes sense to do well for this journal to get a decent grade. Kinda surprising since I thought I flopped the journal. But my prof thought I had shown good insight and good self-reflection. So I am pretty glad. SO far all the work I have done this semester have turned out quite well. So far so good.

But i am so stressed. According to my project mate, I am a difficult person to please which is what the “ah pek” told me when he said my fortune. Very fussy person. Ok, I need to change that and be more moderate.

I got so much to do that I don’t know what to start first. You know the lost feeling when work just overwhelms you and you don’t know what to do even though you got alot of work to do. I am kinda getting back to the mood i get when I was at internship which isn’t all that great.

But of course school has more to look out for instead of my sucky internship which reminds me that they still owe me money even after I finished my internship. Suckers.

I need to learn to relax. I want to go and relax tonight before going home to mug. But go with who? and go where? Sigh.