suicide of the virgins

Mr-he-is-so-charming was reading a headline off a stranger’s newspapers and it read something that out of 800+ secondary school students they interviewed, only 1 was still a virgin.

Of course being the truthful friend that I was, I informed him that I was that 1.

He looked at me.

” Oh, you are not a virgin by choice. ”

At that moment, I think his body was about to experience an earthquake of Ritcher 1 million with my smack. However, I decided to let him off in case there were any potential guys eyeing me from the distance.

And being the nice friend that I am, I told him that I will forgo his interview today (he is going to interview me about slimming pills for his project) to find someone so that I can no longer be the lone outlier and join the other 800++ girls. Oh I was being thoughtful. You know he might have to interview me in future about one night stands and so.

Such a cheebye friend.