sleepless pill needed

I was given an additional research piece to hand up together with the research report for my internship. Let’s just say that initially I thought the additional research piece has no deadline and I was thinking of extending it. But I just reread the email and holy fuck, its looming ahead. I got 1 more week to get my act together.

I think I should just survive on adrenaline for 2 more days. Kinda wham bam. The problem with information is that its just too much, and I spent most of them reading through all the information. Trust me, 30 pdf files to go through with approximately 400 pages in total on top of a 60 page report, a book to read is tough. Sometimes I just grit my teeth through and force myself to work. I am a fighter, not a quitter.

Deadline for myself
By today: die die must finish all the pdf files. Research abit on the additional work
thurs: meet up with fellow intern to discuss on additional work. Do a write up based on all the summarized research
fri: research on additional work after going out the whole day 🙁
sat: project meeting, lunch appointment and more additional work research.
sun: read through my nego textbook and try to piece some journal out. do the last of my additional work research
mon to wed: go to class and feel sad cause I have no time to prepare for the lessons.

Its hell week.