I am going to narrate the whole incident now. Its true and not a story.

Remember my last blog post in which I was blogging at 430 am still? I turned in to bed at 530 am and attempted to sleep. I have got to wake up in 2.5 hrs time. Sleep is of the essential. As I lie in bed, somehow I started thinking of alot of things and sleep was not possible. There was a malay wedding preparation at the opposite block and I heard sounds throughout this ordeal.

Suddenly there was a whistle. And my blanket which was covering me perharps from my shoulders onwards swept towards me, covering half my face. There was a cold air beneath my blanket and I felt something pressing down and climbing onto me for a few seconds.

I was frightened. I kept closing my eyes and after a while I opened to see that my blanket was indeed covering half my face. This is not a dream. I was hearing sounds from the opposite block throughout these few frightening seconds.

After half an hour or so, I heard the mama shop opening for business. They always do so at 6 am which is why I was able to gauge the timing. I prayed hard for I was filled with fear. It is literally fear of the unknown. I finally braced courage to leave my room and walk to my parents’ room where I woke my dad up and narrated the incident to him. I was shocked and frightened and tears just kept on flowing. At this point of time, I have not slept a wink yet. Finally after a while I gave into exhaustion and fell asleep.

This morning when I was in a calmer state, I related the story to my parents ago. I couldn’t stop crying as I was really frightened that this will happen to me again. My father told me that I can sleep with my mother for the next few nights while he sleep in my room. My mother is bringing me to a medium tomorrow to perharps pray for me. My father sprayed the whole house with propogranate water. And I cancelled all my tuition to stay at home to rest.

I really hope this is the first and last time I will experience or have experiences with ghosts again.

My parents advised me not to return home so late from school anymore. I used to reach home at 11 or 12 midnight after staying back to do my reports. I never thought I will have to blog about this. Sigh.