Sian. Let me whine again. I was happily thinking that I can rest well after working hard for the internship report by this weekend. And a quick reality check by my profs told me that I have 2 piece of assignment to hand in next week. Monday and Tuesday somemore. I guess I have to push myself harder these weekdays to complete it earlier.

And all my foreign friends (go overseas study and now on vacation, jetsetting indo friend) are all free this week and I am going to meet up with them. I better finish my internship report before seeing them if not lagi stress.

My friend looked at me incredulously and said “school just started and you are stressed?”

Actually I am stressed cause I have so many outings to attend. I can’t say no. How do I say no to a birthday dinner with a group of friends? ” Eh, I need to do my work. Sorry. Can’t go out with you. ” I don’t even say no to family gatherings even when I am frigging busy with work. I know my sis does but I am not her. Then I realise the cause of alot of my stress not only comes from my work but from committments from family and friends.

If I don’t have to fit in 1 lunch cum shopping session, 1 birthday dinner, 1 weekend lunch session, 1 cny celebration within a week, I probably won’t feel so much stress. Add in 3 tuitions which last one whole day and I got hardly time to breathe. Which is why, I actually feel very happy initially and then stressed later when my friends asked me out cause I will have problems arranging my time around everything.

And I finally saw a cute guy today. And then I realised that I usually like the beefy type, tanned and must speak good English. I was so glad I finally found someone cute cause all the guys I see or around me makes me feel like a lesbian. Good to get some hormones finally to start pumping.