my poor wallet

Dear Pink Wallet,
I know I have been mistreating you, you are a birthday present last year and now you look quite dirty. I would like to apologise for today’s incident. I know I don’t stuff you with enough food (money) and you always go hungry, but such is the life of a student. Sigh.

I was seriously going to do my work just now. Except that I have to buy Tiff’s present you see. And we got some time after getting the present and class and being surrounded by shops, it is logical to step into some of them. And you know, that white pair of shoes I picked up today was really worth it. It was only 18 bucks and oh so pretty. And coming from Charles and keith, it was really worth every cent. And since I was working quite hard for the longest time with miminal shopping (cny doesn’t count), it is time to treat myself to something. And 18 bucks to be food for my soul (and sole), it was definitely worth it. The adrenaline high from another pair of shoes was exhilarating. I know i know there is another pair of new shoes sitting somewhere but that pair is going to go shanghai with me you see. And you can never have too much shoes you know.

With much love,
Mrs Lim