Last day of CNY

Just came back from the last round of cny. i think CNY is rather tiring with all the mouth exercise going on. We had popiah and I managed to stuff in 3 massive huge popiahs ( I wrap it myself). I think a popiah party will be good hor for my bdae. Mr Fag, what say you?

Anyway there are further developments to Mr Think He is so Charming lah. He wanted to persuade me to be videoed for his interview. of course I said no. And then he started to persuade more and more, and at one point of time, I was ready to be a nut-crusher. He is not being a very nice friend since he wanted to video me so that he can show a clip for his presentation. Even though I will be blured but my voice will be heard and people who know me can distinctively identify me. And eating slimming pills is not exactly something to be proud of. I don’t go around saying “Hi, I eat slimming pills and do you?”

Then Mr Jie Mei stepped in cause he can tell that World War 3 or the COld war Number 2 is going to come soon. In the end I just did the interview for him by typing out all the responses. Machiam my own homework. Next time I will make sure I do a project on guys who lose their virginity at 16 and then interview him.

And for the internship abroad, I am given an assignment for which I have been working quite hard for. But sometimes when my friend ask me what I am doing, I can’t tell her the truth. She applied for the same internship as me and didn’t get it. It’s quite hard for me to talk to her about it and I want to be sensitive to her feelings. Uptil now, I haven’t proclaimed it to the world which I will usually do. So now she thinks I am super hardworking studying when I am actually rushing the report for the internship. Haiyah. Life’s like that.