It doesn’t take much to make me happy

I am really blessed with Miss Pooh. She is such a godsent friend. She knew that I wasn’t too (omg I was just blogging about her and she came online) happy these few days for obvious reasons.

today is quite a bad day. I am just glad I managed to reach home at 5 pm and wolved down my dinner/lunch. Today is a bad day because I realised that I have tons of readings to read before class today and I didn’t manage to read all of them. Normally this is ok. But today i heard from Miss Pooh that the Prof will call people and she will deduct marks if you do not read the readings. Sucks monkeyballs again. So i called her and we took the train together. Thank goodness for all the notes and summaries she gave me. Cause as usual, I was called for the reading I have not read but was able to rely on her summaries to tide me through. Heng ah. Love you Miss Pooh.

And I have been very lag in my sms replies cause I am simply is not in the mood (which is very obvious). But i have friends who smsed me to ask for other people’s number which is normally quite ok, but now is quite a bad timing. SO I read and forgot about the sms and then I have 2 pple trying to get me to give them other pple’s number during the middlle of class. Then my temper soared high like an eagle.

And so I rushed for another class. Which I did not have time to print out the notes. And then when I go to the photocopier, it was spoilt (always happen to spoil when it is my turn )so I have to walk a long distance to another one. And this class is like quantam physics. I don’t understand a fucking shit. So I was getting all depressed and miserable. And I was trying to help the other intern send some hugeass files to his email.

Put in all this frustrating elements and mix it all up in a bitter portion for me to swallow today, and the consequence is that I was so pek cek I wanted to tear in class.

Sigh. I am quite fragile now.

Luckily after a good meal and some bimbo mtv, I am quite satisfied. I had a good laugh at this mtv.