I was telling Miss Pooh that I am going to bring some stuff from my room that will remind me of my home and put it in my room in Shanghai. I am so afraid I will feel that my room is so foreign. Miss Pooh was telling me that she initially felt her american room was not like home. Until all her clothes are hanged out and she thinks, ok it resembles abit of home.

Sigh. I am going to bring my bedroom slippers courtesy of Mr Jie Mei. I know I can get cheap ones in china but those slippers remind me of home. I am going to bring my purple organiser. Samsoon pig if I got space, if not ashley pig. Maybe one of my cushions. Haiyah, I am too sentimental.

I wanted a backpack for my bdae present (those ang moh travelling sort) so I sorta informed my friends. And one of my cheebye friends said ” haiyah get those for what? It is not very good for your back.”

Then I was arguing that a friend who is quite small in size carried the backpack for her france trip. Then she said that’s because she exercise and I don’t. Sian. So she think I am physically unfit to carry a backpack. 🙁

Hate. But they are getting for me a huge lugguage. wahahhaa. I think its the best bdae present since I really need it.