I have been clocking 3-5 hours of sleep everyday for the past 2 weks and for someone who can sleep 12 hrs on a normal day, that can only mean 1 thing. I am fucking tired lah. I think somehow I better get my sleep back asap cause I feel the change in my body with a serious sleep debt. I feel like I am floating all the time when I am walking, feel faint.

Besides lack of quantity of sleep, i have a lack of quality too. Due to the fear and stress of my surroundings, I sometimes take longer to fall asleep. And I have nightmare again yesterday. Sigh.

So while I was having dinner with Mr-Think-he-is-so-charming and Mr Jie Mei, they told me to get some cds of buddha chants and play in my room while I sleep. So I went to get 2 cds, 1 for my room which I am not sleeping in, and 1 for my mother’s room which I am currently sleeping in. The both of them were quite shocked at what I had experienced. I am basically shocked that I experienced it too 🙁 It is those things that you hear about, it may be stories, but you pray hard that it will never happen to you. Mr-think-he-is-so-charming said that I am brave cause I was sitting there calmly narrating to them. Maybe he was expecting tears or something. But seriously what can I do? I still have an enomorous amount of work to do. I still need to go to school everyday except sunday. I have my life to lead. It is just that I am somewhat fearful of my house when I am left alone. I try to come home earlier from school now and avoid staying out late. I have to wear brighter clothes. Life sort of changes for me and yet somehow it still remained the same.

Anyway I tried alot of new restaurants recently and I want to give a review of them since some of the food is not bad. Next time.