everything is fine

There was a “party” at my house just now. Everything is fine. Actually I went to the medium last week and he said that there are 3 ghosts which I brought back home. Today he came and said it was a family. 2 adults and a child. They are brought back to the temple and I feel immensely relieved.

I was used as a bait first since they did not appear when the ah pek was there. I was told to lie in my bed (which I had forsaken for a week) in red shirt and white shorts. However nothing happened. But meanwhile in the living room, they managed to get the other family staying with us to go off.

After all the rites are done, it was time to go off but it was raining heavily hence everybody stayed in my house to chat first and wait for the rain to stop. He looked at our family and commented on us.

Ah pek (the god) was dead accurate. He said he could tell I got a very bad temper from my face. And I am the gan cheong type. So he said I needed to change that. Then he mentioned something about my yin yuan I think even though I didn’t ask. He said that I aim too high. Even if I have 100 husbands in front of me, I can’t even choose one. Super true lah. Abit paiseh for all my horrible points to be mentioned but I need to change.

Ok, so now I shall curb my temper especially towards my family. I think I got a wonderful temper in front of my friends though. Sigh. I need to tweak my temper now.

This ghost thing is quite expensive. I have to burn a paper house for the family which will cost 400 bucks. Plus today’s 200 bucks (for transport and voluntary hongbaos) Plus we need to buy an altar to worship the godness of mercy. I think we need about $1000. Sigh.

Ok time to change my temper which is quite hard.