cheebye friends

I have another cheebye friend.

Till date,
Mr-think-he-is-so-charming on his comment about my “choice” to be a virgin -> cheebye friend 1
Miss Superficial who told me to be a prostitute if I wanted a job which I enjoy and earn lots of money-> cheebye friend 2

And drumroll, the third cheebye friend is about to arise. KNN

This friend told me I got a suay face. Like she can tell that I am suay from the look of my face which is why I kenna those dirty things. Fuck. And then her own male cheebye friend who saw me for the first time commented to her that I looked bitchy and talked alot.


Nobody said I look bitchy before 🙁 Normally I get adjectives like serious, quiet, demure but never bitchy. Sigh.

I think I should start a cheebye club for all my cheebye friends.