Can I have your autograph?

So my brother was his awesome friends and they saw this Mediacorp artist;

“Eh, that guy looks familiar sia..”

“Hmm, I think is TCS star.”

“Oh I remember! That’s XXX!”

(For some reason, I can’t remember that guy’s name so let’s just call him XXX.)

“Let’s go over get his autograph! Hahaha.”

He walks over to XXX, said hi and got his autograph.

“Thanks man, but how do you read this ah?” pointing to XXX’s signature.

After XXX told him his name, his friend exclaimed, “Oh! I thought you’re 周初明 (Chew Chor Meng). CHEY!”

And he crushed the paper XXX autographed on.

“I wanna be 周初明 when I grow up!”