Work work work

Today’s my last day. But as with all last days, I got alot of work to clear before I hand over the reins. And the amount of work is scaring me shitless. Its scary and I feel so helpless. But there’s a half day tomorrow and for that I feel glad.

I am a survivor. I survived all the scoldings my mentor gave. Survived all the work. Survived through all the tears I have cried. Survived the harsh hours.Put aside my unhappiness and finally the day I have been waiting for a long long time is finally here. And somehow I feel empty. I feel so freaking emotionless about it, its so weird. Am i going to celebrate tomorrow? I don’t know. Most probably I will buy some new year clothes. Clear my room perharps. I need to emote and somehow I can’t.

All my peers look at me and think I have learnt alot from this internship. I mean from all the crazy hours I put in, of course I have learnt somethings. But somehow I don’t feel that I have learnt alot. *shoulder shrug* I really don’t know what to feel anymore. Somemore I lose myself along the way.