The fricking awesome hotlinking teacher

I just came across this post by a certain teacher, Hazel Lee, she was lamenting about how fake teachers are portrayed in the media, citing examples like GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) and Felicia Chin in the latest Channel 8 drama series.

She even wrote a list detailing what REAL teachers do in the real world as opposed to the reel world.

But the thing is I would probably never discover her post if she did not link directly to this image.

I wanted to do something immoral like this. But decides against it cause seriously, I think she’s fricking awesome. If there was an award for most fricking awesome teacher, it’ll definitely go to her.

I decided to do it with a more appropriate image instead. 🙂



老师们, 我爱你!

Addendum: This blog entry no longer exists. It may have been deleted by the author, or hidden from view. 🙁