Suicide Mass Rapid Transit videos

Do not watch the following videos if you are easily disturbed, someone told me he wouldn’t be eating any 肉干 (Bak Kwa) for the rest of the Chinese New Year after watching the videos.

Admiralty SMRT (Suicide Mass Rapid Transit) video

Yishun SMRT (Suicide Mass Rapid Transit) video

Leaked footage of man hit by train sets Net abuzz

By Melissa Sim
Feb 26, 2007
The Straits Times

THE SMRT is investigating the leak of CCTV footage of a man who was hit by a train at Yishun MRT station on Dec 5 last year, which is making its rounds on the Internet.

First posted on popular video-sharing website YouTube on Feb 13, the 40-second clip has now found its way onto a number of personal blogs.

The clip starts off with a few passengers waiting on the platform. As the train approaches, a man in a light blue top and white trousers crawls out from under the platform. The train runs over him, and the clip ends. The train incident is still being investigated by the police.

An SMRT spokesman confirmed that the footage is of the actual incident but added it is an ‘unauthorised copy’ of the original.

This means that someone who had access to the footage might have used their own camera to record the actual CCTV footage during playback.

SMRT explained that while the clip does match the original, it covers a much narrower scope.

Also the clip looks like it was taken by a shaky camera. CCTVs are mounted and original footage should be stable.

SMRT said that besides themselves, the Land Transport Authority and the police also have access to the footage.

The spokesman added that SMRT is now investigating how the leak happened and will be taking disciplinary action if the clip was lifted by its staff.

The leak has sparked much talk on on-line forums as Netizens discuss how the clip was filmed, from where it originated and whether it was a hoax.

In fact, a second 18-second clip showing an earlier incident of a man being hit by a train that happened at Admiralty Station on Dec 2, has also surfaced on the Net.

But SMRT is still verifying if that too is leaked CCTV footage.