Stale relationships are worse than singlehood

 That was what I was feeling a few days ago. Luckily I decided to knock off work early to join Mr Jie Mei and Mr-Think-He-is-so-charming for dinner yesterday. They are so nice to wait for me for 2 hours since I knock off work at 8. Eating with them will put on weight since we always eat oily hawker food; I shudder to stand on the weighing machine now. They hear me whine at work everytime I dine with them. Haa , their poor ears.

We met for dinner at Glutton Square yesterday. A little overpriced but it was great company. As usual we updated ourselves on each other’s lives. Mr Jie Mei has so kindly decided to let me know his alien friends should I decide that singlehood is not my cup of tea. After which we went to some expensive chocolate place to slurp on hot chocolate and just chat.

Mr Think-he-is-so-charming was complaining informing us about his girlfriend. Since he thinks he is so charming, he prefers to lead his own life and give the girl more space. Apparently his gf is the sticky sort and will call him everyday to talk. He finds it boring to talk to her about the same things everyday ( how is your day? Who are you going out with? What time will you be back?). In fact, he thinks it is meaningless to talk on the phone just for the sake of it. He was complaining informing that they will go out and his gf will talk very little on that day. However when he returns home, she will call him to talk. To him, there is no logic why she doesn’t want to talk to him when she sees him and talk on the phone instead.

And both Mr Jie Mei and Mr-Think-he-is-so-charming sometimes feel sian that they have to go out with their gfs once a week. It becomes like a routine. And Mr think-he-is-so-charming (knn, why his nickname so long), even uttered the unmentionable word “BURDEN”.

With friends as such, I prefer to stay single. Maybe to them, sex is not a burden but the going out part is. I will manufacture ping pong balls off my man if he ever thinks it is a burden to meet up with me. Maybe their relationship is stale (more than 1 year) and the romantic aspect is disappearing. That’s the danger of being boring.

Then Mr-think-he-is-so-charming started to lament a lot about his gf. Things like, she doesn’t dress well when he goes for business meetings. Doesn’t put make-up. He insists that she goes for a make-up class. WTF. He forces her to go jogging with him so that she will look more sharp and alert. To me, he is being superficial. And I sure didn’t mince my words towards him. He finds her too blur looking and in short, he kept saying that she is good wife material and how much his family loves her. I guess the missing link here is whether he loves her.

And he was complaining that she has no drive and no mind of her own with regards to career. I told him that it is hard to find a woman who is very family oriented and is career minded. He is asking for the impossible lah. A woman who is super career minded will not have much time for her family. Logic being there is only 24 hrs a day. And there is only so much time a woman can divide between her priorities. Conclusion: Mr think-he-is-so-charming is setting unreasonable standards for his gf lah.

I doubt they are going to last. And he has unkindly said something to the effect that he was rather happy overseas for 6 months without her although he miss her at times.

I feel happy to be single if I have bfs like my friends.