oh tipsy is me

My stamina is not what it used to be. I used to be able to down 2 or 2.5 jugs with no probs. But now, a much slimmer and less wild me cannot even take a bottle of beer. All it takes was a bottle of beer and I started to walk in a zigzag line. Add 4 cups of bourbon coke and 1 glass of champange and you have a drunk me.

i think I am going to shanghai. Shall find out more soon.

The grp of 4 (including me) was thought to be dance hostresses by the cab driver. KNNCCB

Watched Ms potter with sab. Renee looked extremely old in there and maybe they are trying to protray the old times with no SK2, olay and all the aging creams.

I lost money yesterday. Shall listen to the chinese horoscope which said I need to be careful about money.

In return, I bought a huge piggy bank from daiso. And then I realised abt the shanghai thing which means no savings.

Ok. Super blur and cuokooed now.

Not bad, upgrade from beer lady to dance hostress. CCB