misery the new feel

I hate it when my senior leaves me alone at my client’s place. It is not that I am a baby but the thing is that the client will keep on bugging me about things which I do not know how to do. And half the time I can’t complete my work on time since I will be checking details for her since information is at the client’s side. And it doesn’t help that the client will ask me where she is all the time. Hate. I can’t blame my mentor since there are only 2 people for this client, but it sure didn’t feel good on my side.

However since today’s lunch I was alone again, I rushed down to my suppliers to get more stocks since a particular one was selling too well and we didn’t have enough. In the end I had no time for lunch and the rest of the lunch was spent answering emails. The only good thing about this whole hateful internship is the fact that I lost weight. And my appetite somehow makes a wore for the turn when I have to lunch alone. And that’s the only good reason which I can come up which pretty much sucks. On another note, I was complaining about my internship and my friend said that my life sucks to which I reply, “ya it sucks worse than a blowjob.”

Of all days today I have to trudge back to the office with my bagful of clothes. Nice.

Update: I managed to work until 3 am even though I was obviously tired.

Another colleague came with me today. Finally. Then she started to dig out information from me about the working situation over here at my client’s place. Apparently those people who has worked on the same project as me, hated to work on my project citing the confusing documents. But the real reason was because of the mentor. That colleague went around asking a few people and ALL of them know about how difficult it is to work until my particular mentor. After one of the many painful phonecall with my mentor telling me to find another obscure document, the new colleague said that my mentor was particularly harsh with me when she talked with me on the phone. I didn’t know it’s so obvious. The new colleague mentioned that I was treated as though I was an employee there. My responsibilities are so voluminous, stress is the understatement of the year.

I was mulling over all the unhappiness on the way back to the office in the cab with tears threatening to overflow. She was stressed and is taking out all her stress onto me. Well I was stressed too. At that precise moment, my taxidriver forgot to turn into my carpark since he did not know the way well. I could have scolded him or taken out my frustrations onto him, since I was in a terrible rush but it would have been a vicious cycle. I refuse to stoop so low.

I am obviously very tired. I want to rest on Saturdays but I have to go back to work. I don’t even have a choice. My mentor was not mindful of the fact that I have to teach tuition on Sunday. I guess to each their own, and in a bid to finish her stuff, she is overworking her only staff and turning into a monster.

I am so frightened of my hp. Everytime it rings; it means more work for me. I try not to charge my hp now in order to be uncontactable. It’s scary to have an sms or a call asking me questions about work on Sunday. I have endless questions to answer from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is slowly becoming one of those working days.

My 2006 year was alright with the highlight being my birthday and perharps the re-interest in my studies. Obviously the bad thing was my internship, and the internship woes which came my way.

2007 had only been misery.