I had lunch at 1130 am today. Ha! Since I was alone and did not have breakfast, I decided to eat my lunch uber early today. Lucky thing that I am working in an industry with super flexible eating hours. Of course the real reason is because, I am trying to siam this client of mine who asked me out for lunch once. Before anyone jumps to conclusion, it is a matronly female lah. Sob sob. The last time I check, I am still going to be single for Vday.

Firstly she asked me to lunch with her because she thought i was alone (although my colleague was with me)

Secondly, she was relatively new to the company and has not gelled with the other colleagues well. Quite sad to ask an a*u*ditor to lunch with her actually.

And lastly I don’t want her to know that I am an intern lah. I mean during lunch we will talk , and if she asked me about my work experience, then it is damn sian to lie that I have worked for 1 year and such when I am just a sad-ass intern.

I got mountains of work to clear and it doesn’t help that I am down with a flu still and an aggravated backache. So I am slightly slower and I get mentally tired at 11 pm. I used to be in tiptop condition at 330am.

Ok jia you jia you!!!!

And I just realised that my OT pay will be credited after my internship. So it is 250 bucks of Taxi fare unclaimed. 250 bucks of Meal allowance unclaimed. and 120 hours of OT hours unpaid. Now I am fucking poor again. KNN. I don’t know how I am going to survive till new year esp since I need to buy new year clothes but oh well, someone lend me money pls?