Do not ever catch Jackass2 unless you love to watch the following

1) Making one guy suck in the farts of the other guy and he ended up puking really bad

2) one guy shitting on a doll house and you can see the shit

3) a 90 year old woman who went around naked and had breasts which sagged to her belly button

4) some old guys with balls sticking out

5) sitting on ice while naked to see whether their balls will stick to the ice

6) shaving their pubic hair so that some guy could use it as a beard in a skit which he is supposed to be an arab

7) using hot iron to burn this guy’s bum so that he can get branded. And the shape was a penis

8) pouring beer down a guy’s asshole. He couldn’t get all the beer out and in the end, they used a pump to pump it out.

and many many more disgusting stuff. Is it even called a movie?