Happy Chinese New Year and a much needed update

My last day of internship ended finally. Miss Pooh is so damn nice. We are supposed to go shopping yesterday but because of my work which got delayed, she came down to my client’s place to help me out so that I can end earlier. I think I am super blessed with nice friends. In the end, I was supposed to end early to eat some intern’s lunch back at the office but I returned only 5 hrs later. Nevermind. Count as OT hours.

Then Miss Pooh realised that I was auditing her father’s company. What a small small small world.

In the end we headed back to office, cleared some admin stuff and finally went down to meet her sister for some shopping which wasn’t that eventful.

And I returned home to sleep while using my laptop. I have acquired the incredible skill of sleeping around anywhere, even in a sitting position. During the 2 days of chinese new year, I have slept at all my relatives’ hse everyday. As long as there is a bed, I sleep.

I am pretty much relieved that there is no more internship.

Fast forward to cny’s eve. I had to pack my room properly since I have no chance before that to clear. But being the ‘neat’ person I am, my pig sty is cleared in no time. Haaa! Since it is a pig sty already, so I don’t have to clear so hard.

Then it was the reunion dinner at my grandma’s hse. For desert we had cocktail.

Then on the first day of CNY, we had cocktail and sea cucumber. And I tested alot of pineapple tarts which were my favourite. Then for dinner, it was more sea cucumber, alot of fried stuff and cocktail again.

Then on the second day of CNY (which wasn’t very happy), we had cocktail for desert and some fried food for lunch. And dinner was at my house with sea cucumber, fried food and cocktail.

I ate cocktail 5 times in 3 days. Gosh. The canned fruits industry must be blooming during CNY each year. And the poor sea cucumbers as well. It doesn’t help that I love it to bits as well. Cooked. And I ate almost all the frozen fried food available in the market. There were the old school nuggets and some very interesting ones.

And I always try all the pineapple tarts available. I hate nutritionists you know. First they tell you to eat fruits. Pineapple I last checked is a fruit. And then they tell you that pineapple tarts are unhealthy. If there are pineapple in a pineapple tart, that pineapple tart is healthy. And all the pineapple tarts I tested is ensured that pineapple is involved in the baking.

And now I refuse to start on the weighing machine.

happy Chinese New year everyone.