Happy belated Vday

Here’s the update on the interview. Apparently the CEO of the company was unhappy with the previous 2 interns who are based in Shanghai as their work is not up to standard. If you ask me, I think her standard is too high. She only hires top students from China in her company so go figure. In the end, the interview took 1.5 hrs in which my friend and I spoke less than half an hour. The rest of the time she was speaking. I think she is not very impressed with us. Bah. My credentials are very good okay! She will inform us by next week to see whether we get shortlisted. If so, we will be interning in Singapore first before she decides whether we are good enough for Shanghai. Meanwhile, I shall go look for other internships over the festive weekends. Yay! I will be free of all these workshit.

And then after taking some time off from work to go for the interview, I trudged back to work. And for the first time in my entire life, I was not lonely on vday. I had the company of 3 males (1 definitely attached, not sure about the other 2) for company plus some other females. Sian. My sian part is not relating to the other girls present but more of the fact that we are actually working. And work I did. Until 330 am where I was the first to leave. Notwithstanding 4 angry calls from my dad asking me to go home (first call was at 1030pm) and 2 missed calls ( I refuse to pick up my dad calls after a while).

There is something wrong with my eyes this week cause it will start swelling. And the swell will move from left to right eye, from the top eyelid to the bottom eyelid. And it looks like mosquitos bites. Today, my eyes decided that small is the way to go and refused to open up. I guess it must be the ridiculous nights.

I look into the mirror and I saw a nice dress, nice blazer, nice hair (although a bit frizzy) but a tired and unhappy face.

Happy Vday everyone.