course choice

Now that the A levels results will be released soon, there comes the inevitable “which course should I take” question. Some of us will be drifting alone aimlessly on a plywood waiting for some wind direction to bring us to shore. Most of the time, it may come in the form of your family especially your parents.

My course choice was a parental influence. I do not have to take up what my father think is good, but I did. And along the way for 3 years, I really hated what I was doing. Cause simply accounting is not my cup of tea. I went for this internship trying to cheat myself that a*uditng is alright but look at how mindfuck my emotions rollercoaster during this internship. My father did not even know the shitty working hours of a*uditors until I told him. He was really shocked that we do work past midnight and into the wee hours of the day. And he finally believed when I started clocking the crazy hours. Basically he asked me to study the course because of the prestige of accountants without really knowing what the jobscope entails. How many of our parents wanted us to be accountants, lawyers, doctors without knowing what it is really like except that it is a ‘good’ job.

So, any regrets for me? I guess so. I should have stick to a marketing degree which may be common but I will be happier studying for it. I really hate accounting and it doesn’t help that my dismal accounting results do nothing but further deepened those fears.

My father and I talked and I told him my unhappiness about studying for this course. And we both agreed that I will prefer accounting if I had chosen it on my own instead of being influenced.

And will I start my first job as an a*uditor? I doubt it. I will be looking for jobs which are non-accounting and more marketing based. For 3 years, I have been living the life someone wanted me to live. Now, I shall start living my own.

So when it is time for me to get to that job search, accounting will be just one of the many options.