Christians rock my world!

So I was just doing my stuff (saving the world and all, the usual stuff) when the door bell rang. I thought it was my crazy fans so I immediately opened the door.

To my horror surprise, it was this middle aged man with a teenage boy who looked really like one of this other (really ugly) guy who went to Astro camp with me. Anyway, he started telling me about all those Christianity (Christiany, Christianty) stuff.

“And yeah yeah, God is great, yeah yeah God is good, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…When everyone believe in God, mankind will live forever…from verse 123…”

What’s totally rocking is that this man did not once asked me to donate money or join his church or anything like that. He’s something like;

“My name is Ben, this is my son Matt,” gesturing to the ‘Astro camp guy’ who smiled meekly like he was being forced to come along or something and would much rather be at home playing his pokemon, “if you are interested, I can come down another day and tell you more about Christ.”

Then I told him that I’ll be busy saving the world from the forces of evil and it’s very unlikely that I’ll be able to take time off my important duties. He totally understood my predicament and bid farewell.