Chinese New Year 初一

It was tradition to take individual family photos infront of this styrofoam drawing of the particular year’s Zodiac. So we posed steadily in front of the Pig drawing and got my cousin to be our photographer.

Before he pressed the shutter of our Canon Powershot S80, my dad queried, “Camera ok ma?”

My grandfather was unusually hostile to me the entire day even though we barely meet up, I have a feeling that he did not particularly fancy my new year shirt which I got from Topman some time ago. I thought it was a pretty fab shirt but it’s black and he probably thought it was inauspicious to wear black on Chinese New Year.

Plenty of $2 and $4, day 1 ‘earnings’ lacklustre but oh well.

Oh ya, do remember not to do dumb stuff, like washing your hair. It’s bad luck.