and time just flies on a magic carpet

Not much updates cause my life has been impressively hectic.

Wednesday: went to gamble and lost money with my mother being the biggest loser. I can’t believe my mother is a compulsive gambler. She puts $10 per bet even though she has been losing straight. And even though she loses every time she was the banker, she still volunteered. Goodness gracious me. I was so angry, I told her to stop being such big bets in front of the other relatives and relatives’ relatives. Maybe they deem me as rude cause I raised my voice and wore a breasts-revealing top, but I did what a daughter should. Stop the losses. I mean it is fine if she loses 50 bucks. But to lose 100++ and possibly more will be a tad too much. Maybe 100++ does not seem a lot. But I am those kids from young who never ever received hong bao money since my mother doesn’t have that much money. So we will just return all the ang bao money back to her since she gave ang bao money to the relatives. Even until now, I don’t even get any angbao money except those I collect myself. So to lose money like as if our family is a rich cash cow, is enough to piss me off. There was this stranger (relative’s relative) who was shocked at my rudeness but do I fucking care? No.

Thursday: went back to sch to study. Nerd nerd nerd

Friday: went to lunch with my ex-internship place. I love my ex-colleagues of the first internship. They are so nice to me compared to *cough* the second one *cough cough*. We went to throw yusheng and ate some yummy food. Had fried ice cream for the first time. And as usual, I don’t have to pay. I shall treat them with my first official pay since they always pay for my food.

I went to the health promotion board to do some research. And it was by some stroke of fate, I saw my Shanghai boss. Maybe she doesn’t recognize me but she didn’t say hi to me. But she was busy talking to the HPB people also lah. I wanted to say hi to her when she left but alas I was chased out first.

Then I went to donate blood at the HSA which was a stone’s throw away. I attempted to. But was rejected at the stage where they were locating my veins. My puny veins refused to show up. I refused to believe the nurse and told her I donated blood before. What I didn’t tell her was that the nurse who did it for me the other time was “going in and out of my arm to locate my vein.” Then she told the senior nurse to check for me since I was super insistent about my veins. She couldn’t find also. Bah. I was reminded for the time I took half an hour for some injection compared to the few minutes of my friends as the nurse couldn’t find my veins. It was embarrassing for the nurse to keep slapping my veins non-stop. GROW BIGGER LOUSY VEINS. My blood pressure for such a huge person is decidedly little. 100/66 only

And then I went for another round of cny celebration with the jc peeps Irene hurt my feelings and said that I only eat the expensive food when I wanted to eat gan bei. Oei, it’s nice what. I eat a lot of sausages also. Then we started to throw yu sheng again. Believe me when I said throw cause yu sheng landed on my hands again. And after which we played mahjong where I won 50% of the time. Hahahaha. Its beginner’s luck. However lost in the end, cause Jess had 5 tai in one major win while I always have 1-2 tais only.

Saturday was spent visiting cheryl’s and cal’s house. Mr GAY forgot about our outing. Then while waiting for Cheryl to pick us up at calister’s house, I fell asleep on her sofa. I told ya I can sleep anywhere and everywhere Hahaha. Machiam sleeping beauty. And Cheryl and calister came to my house to bai nian and shopping. They each left home with one item. Tsk tsk.

Sunday was spent screaming at my tuition kids. The best reason not to bring my textbooks home for the common tests the following week?

“ too heavy to bring home”

KNN. I put on 3 kg. KNN. Fuck man.