Acer sucks

So I got my Acer notebook (1+ years) then a couple of months ago the sound device suddenly cease to work and cannot be detected or something. So I sent to the school’s computer technician and they were not able to fix it.

“Probably sound chip spoil, send to Acer.”

Then after what seems like thousands of attempts (“Sorry, all our engineers are busy. Your call is valuable to us.”) I finally got through their tech support line and arranged an engineer to come down.

The Acer guy came down my house and he couldn’t point out the problem.

“Could be sound chip spoil, I bring back to Acer confirm for you.”

Few days later, he confirmed it was that the sound chip was damaged. However, they were out of stock for that particular model and so he returned my notebook and promised to inform me when new stock arrives.

After like more than 1 month, I finally got his phone call and he came over to my house once again and he replaced the sound chip and voilà!

The sound still DIDN’T WORK.

Obviously he made an incorrect diagnosis previously but of course he didn’t admit, he suddenly changed his stance;

“Could be software corrupted, you backup data and do recovery.”

And that’s it. Suddenly the responsibility of fixing my Acer notebook lies on me.

My notebook got all this important school software that will take forever to reinstall and all so I’m just wondering aloud, what other possibilities are there? What else can be wrong?

ps: I ♥ YY.