Acer still sucks

But they’re getting better.

For the third time, the (same) Acer guy came over to my humble abode today. The arranged time was 2-4pm so I waited and waited. Then he called at 3.40pm and said he was on his way. By the time he reached, it was about 4.10pm, so I was pretty pissed off.

How can I go about saving the world when I’m wasting precious time waiting here for the Acer guy?

Anyway, after fiddling with the notebook components for quite some time, he finally managed to get it working.

“Motherboard problem, heh,” the Acer guy told me laughingly.

Then I proceeded to strangle him and screamed in his face, “HEH?! If only you all did a more thorough diagnosis in the first place, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time!”

Then I cut his body into 6 pieces and wrapped them with black garbage bags. Cross my fingers and let’s hope the cleaner wouldn’t discover the body tomorrow morning.