Tips and Trix in DotA Allstars

Some useful and not so useful tips.

You can purge Spirit Breaker’s charge so he wont charge you anymore.

You can abort Furion’s teleport by pressing Stop or the hotkey ‘S’.

You can blink/use potm’s skill/use void’s skill to avoid spell damage or stuns. For example if you see a “tinker-rocket” flying against you, blinking in the right moment will deny the damage/stun.

To make a tower unfocus you, force attack on any of your own creep.

Don’t do Spirit Breaker’s ultimate, on someone who’s about teleporting. You will follow him to base, where he is probably teleporting to.

Potm and void can jump out from net/entangle, but will still be trapped on the spot they land.

You can use lothar’s with channeling spells.

If you put spider’s web or observers close to creepspawns, creeps wont spawn there. Think this is forbidden though…

With Omniknight, always do repel before your ulti, otherwise the repel will disable his ulti.

If you throw impetus with enchantress, use chen spell on her so that she teleports to base before impetus hits enemy, it does 400 dmg, which is impetus max dmg. Or use blinkdagger to blink away from the enemy just before the impetus hits.

WW can be used to avoid targeting stuns. Just use it just after they casted it on you. You wont take any damage nor be stunned.

If you’re near enemy creeps and you target an enemy hero, those creeps will walk to you to attack you. Repeat that and you’ve drawn the creeps from their tower to yours.

If you attack an hero near an enemy tower the tower will focus you, but you can use spells. You can also auto-cast drow’s frost-arrow and silencer’s glaives of wisdow etcetera, without the tower focusing you.

You can purge Eyes of the Forest, so they go away.

You can repel treant with omni, if you don’t want him to go invisible.

Spells that make “mini-stun”

Zeus’ Lightning Bolt
Terror Blade’s Sunder
Nightstalker’s Void
Bounty Hunter’s Shuriken
Phantom Lancer’s Spirit Lance
Moon Rider’s Lucent Beam
Centaur’s Double Edge