time just flies by, now if only pigs do

This week just breezes by, it felt like a hurricane. Is it really thursday already? I went back to school today to settle some business stuff. And everybody loves my new short hair. I love it too. They said I lost weight. Yay! Wahahaha.

After a whole day off work, I came to work at 8 pm. It’s kinda stupid but because I am not supposed to take leave during this busy period but I really need to. Then my senior was kind enough to grant me a day off. So to thank her, I will come back to work at 8pm.

The moment I stepped into the office at 8pm, I realised I am very sleepy and tired. Ha, I am human after all.

Shall attempt to go home before 1 am.

Then its 3 more weeks to CNY and finally a rest. And back to school. yay