The first work day of the year

Blogged on Wednesday 3rd Jan 07, continued on Thursday 4th Jan 07

Today(wed) is the first work day of the new year. I can’t bear to wake up especially since I slept at 330 and was called up 3 hrs later. Heh, I came home and watch my prison break after sending them off.

I hate to come to the office and sit and wait around cause my colleagues are too busy to attend to me. It happens every first day of the week. Sucks that all my colleagues are at different floors so we can’t meet to bitch. It’s like waiting to be claimed.

“I feel like a lost sheep” according to Miss Pooh.

And today(thurs), my senior came especially late. So I just waited and read my online story book for 1.5 hrs. Sometimes I just blog when I got nothing to do (like now) Somemore today I decided to be abit late and eat breakfast with my friend. It’s no point being early. Why can’t they come to work earlier so they can leave early? I can’t understand the OT mentality.

Wanted to eat lesser for lunch due to the sinful breakfast (forgive me crab puff and choc éclair), however there is a surprise guest for lunch today. We went to eat pasta and pizza instead.

And the guest is Miss Pooh’s ang moh boyfriend. Heh.

And now my comments for the lunch and the boyfriend
Miss Pooh, he seems very into you. Maybe you missed the glances he gives you all the time but Jean and I spotted it. He gives you loving glances all the time. So sweet! And see how much he wants to be with you, so please take a mc or leave to be with him before he returns back to his country. And be nicer to him!!! Normally the girl will want to spend the anniversary with the bf, but not Miss Pooh. She happily not meet up with him citing tiredness as an excuse (ok lah, quite valid as she slept 1.5 hrs the day before). Somemore they haven met up for almost 5 months.

Heh, seeing Miss Pooh and her bf makes me happy that she found a good guy.

And he is not very tall, Miss Pooh. Most prob about 1.75 m like you say. And if you can, go to Malaysia with him. Maybe your mum might allow now.