The collector-Book review

I managed to finish a book during the few days about a month ago whereby I was slacking in the office and doing nothing much. Heh, it was an online book so I can look all studious staring hard at my laptop as if I am thinking about some complicated formulas or shit.

This book is a little warped but hey, its cool cause I can never think of a plot like that. The plot goes like ” there is this butterfly collector who is so smitten with a girl, he starts to fantasize about living with her. He kidnaps her and the story begins from his point of view. And then the story will begin from her point of view about the whole ordeal. And it ends with his point of view again. ”

The only thing I can think of is someone rich and handsome loving fat me and that is already the plot of kim sam soon.

The language is quite flowerly and to the style of 11 minutes. Quite an interesting plot as I can see how human nature functions and thinks.

I will send the book if anybody wants. Email me.