nothing much to say nowadays except it is OT galore. Worked my latest until 1 am on wed. I got work to do later even though I came home early (9pm is considered early). Somedays I hate work, somedays I don’t.

And I am pretty screwed this semester even though I have not started school. I overbidded for 1 module and now I have to take it or risk getting a non-grade. Bloody hell. Fuck the system. Nabeh cheebye. And I realise that 1 of them got exam. Knn. I thought don’t have.

I have been wearing double eye lid stickers. Cause single eyelid looks very fierce and unfriendly. But erm with the new fake double eyelids, still look fierce. Must be the stress. Nevermind, 1 more month and no more suffering.

Haiyah I am supposed to work OT on sat again this week but I need to go and source for suppliers for my business. Luckily as an intern, pple don’t expect so much of me but I try my best to deliver.

I hate the admin person at my workplace. I didn’t know I am entitled to meal allowance and when she saw my timesheet, she didn’t help me claim. Cheebye. Luckily my manager saw and ask my senior to help me claim. I know I am abit petty but I take revenge on her by writing ugily on my timesheet. Yah, that’s an excuse for my untidy timesheet too. Now I am going to spread the word about meal allowance to ensure that everybody gets theirs.

Need to do my work. bother bother.