saturday madness

I work everyday. Mon to sat will be my internship ( it’s supposed to be a 5 day week) with lots of ot (It has been more than 2 weeks since I went home when the sky is still bright). Sunday will be all my 3 tuition (from 9am to 6 pm). Not forgetting my business. I need to clean my room, bake some new year cookies, dye my hair red and basically slack.

Yes, I feel very tired everyday but after drinking kopi-o-peng in the morning and at night, I will be awake and work like a robot. My mentor is very distressed at the amount of stamina I have. I can stay until midnight plus everyday and still remain energetic the next day. Hahaha. She was telling her colleague that she stayed until 3.30 am because of me. She said she got a super “Onz” intern “with a lot of drive”. Now, she is doubting whether it is because she is old. Does 3 years have a difference? Maybe because I am used to working and not resting. I shuddered at my 8 tuition kids+ internship life just July last year.

I have removed my social life aspect so far except for the weekends. It is impossible to go out with friends after work or watch a midnight movie and report fresh for work the next day. A fellow colleague who insists on a balanced worklife had a social life till 4 am yesterday and had trouble reporting for work the next morning. I will leave my social life to the weekend.

I will be meeting sab for movie later. We need to meet more often but its tough when we are on different sides of the island. I am free tomorrow evening after my “tuition day” but I think I need to do my business stuff.

It’s 3 more weeks but I think that during the last week, I will be too happy to feel sad. Plus the Friday will be a half-day. Wahaha. Therefore its 2 more weeks, and I will stop blogging about my work. I can’t wait too.

PS: I didn’t go out with sab in the end as she was tired. Feeling quite sad about it since it was the only thing to look forward to on a sat workday.