My fair lady + KTV + steamboat + hate for work

So much to blog about but no time to do so.

Somehow the time for blogging is inverse to the “interestingness” of the blog entry When I am having an interesting life (read busy), I seldom have the time to sleep let alone blog. But I don’t think that equation holds. Cause my life sucks now and I have no time to blog.

Life sucks now cause I am working hard. I have to give tuition 6.5 hours of tuition a day (almost equivalent to a day’s work). I have to work lengthy hours during the weekend. This week sucks monkey balls. I can foresee working till 9-1 am everyday. And that’s with no dinner break. And not mentioning the work we bring home to do.

I don’t understand how my colleagues can work without dinner. From 8 pm onwards, my brain shutdowns and I can barely concentrate. Yesterday, I was so pissed at being hungry, I just msned my remaining time away and do a little work. Today, I am smarter and brought super left over xmas brownies to eat. I also did what an intern was to do, ta pao food and drinks for the rest. Hee, actually I wanted to get coffee. ( I digress: I got weird taste. I always order kopi-o ice. )

Last week was good. Almost no OT and much slacking. Have I mentioned how much I hate this week?

I am thinking of going to Shanghai for another internship. But it doesn’t mean I will get it. I didn’t get the India internship. But I have matured over the year. I have set up a relatively unsuccessful business and went for 2 internships. Not bad within a span of 1 year. Oh and accumulated tuition kids along the way.

I wanted to do proper entries for my sat and sun activities but looks like I got no time.

Went to one of the taitai’s house for steamboat. We are supposed to celebrate meng meng’s birthday and farewell party before she flies to US. (everybody is leaving Singapore.) As usual, we ate too much. I was so full that I have to unbutton my jean’s zip. Luckily I was wearing a super long blouse. Alas, I loosened my belt too and I have 2 mishaps where the belt dropped to the floor. 1 of them was super embarrassing as I was running for the bus.

Had KTV with my super long ago colleagues. Heh. And bought some polo shirts from U2. Their sale super cheap. If I have more money, I would have bought more. After which I rushed to city hall to meet my uni friends. I forgot to charge my hp and did not receive the msg to inform me on where to meet them as I was late. I waited at the train station before deciding to look for them in raffles city. It was a scary time as I went to all the restaurants to look for them. Luckily I found them.

We met up to watch “My Fair Lady” musical at esplanade. I have fond memories of this play as we did an excerpt of it during Sec 2. Our class roleplayed and I was given the role of Mrs Pierce the housekeeper. I remembered saying the line “ She’s such a common girl” which was supposed to be said with much contempt. The musical was good! The props were beautiful and there are quite a number of them. I love Eliza’s voice. Too bad, we were sitting at the balcony seats and towards the last part, we couldn’t really see the actors as they were acting in the area we can’t watch.

I realized for the first time that plastic bags are disallowed in Esplanade due to the rustling sound it will make.

And I also realized how “lucky” I was to have my menses just before the movie and suffer from menstrual cramps throughout. KNN.

PS: Work ended at 1245 am. FUck. I miss school. And you know how pathetic it is to miss school.